GLOBAL Safety System


We are a hospital that considers the safety as the most important principle.

A comprehensive pre-surgery observation and examination, as well as accurate assessment from selecting a suitable surgical method and post-care demonstrate Global Plastic Group’s aim to consider the safety as the most important principle. In addition, a team-based participation of medical staff minimizes occurrence of medical accident that can occur with an independent decision-making process of a single provider. This is a basis for offering a safe surgery. Moreover, we use the latest surgical equipments that guarantee safety and its effect. In selecting surgical tools, we only choose those that are completely unharmful to human body. In addition, the entire medical staff undergoes continuing medical education through research activities, seminar, and clinical study groups.


We operate a clean disinfecting system.

In order to complete eliminate a second infection that can occur during surgery or post-surgery, we operate disinfecting system. We will continue to offer safe treatment and surgery with a comprehensive disinfection.


We operate a 24 hour safe monitoring system.

We own and operate high-tech equipment that offers a 24-hr monitoring system during surgery and during recovery phrase in the recovery room. Since we monitor for emergencies that can occur during surgery or any unusual incidents that can occur during a recovery phase, patients can receive faster emergency-response and comfortable treatment.


We operate a self-development system.

In case of power outrage due to natural disasters, we run a self-development system. We can maintain power even during a blackout and can complete a procedure safely.


A rapid response is available upon an emergency.

We’re prepared to address an emergency that can occur and operate a central oxygen supply system. We strive for safer treatment that is highly trusted.