SINCE 1990

The desire of being beauty is the common heart of all people in all ages and countries. Human have always absolute needs to be healthy and maintain beauty and these days people give a great deal of weight on the appearance in human relations and social life.
According to that trend, GLOBAL PLASTIC GROUP gives safe and intensive satisfactory result of surgery in order to present confidence and happy life to all visitors.
Especially, all plastic surgery carried in GLOBAL PLASTIC GROUP are delicate and natural as well as pursuit ideal beauty, because we respect every person’s personality and consider the harmony and balance of the body with long time experiences and skilled technique.


Also, GLOBAL PLASTIC GROUP has realized the rules, “Safety is the top priority”. Therefore, we are fully equipped with the latest proven effective plastic surgical equipment and medical instrument, harmless materials to the body with persistence. And we have clean and clear disinfection system, 24hour-the most advanced safety monitoring system.
Together with that, we intend to safe and trustful operation with ‘Central oxygen supply system’ to be within the range of possibility of fast management when emergency.
GLOBAL PLASTIC GROUP (the representative of Korean plastic surgery), we locate at Sinsa-dong which is the 1st place of plastic surgery. Since 1990’ we has been loved from so many persons within the country though the Word-Of-Mouth of patients, now gains renowned in the whole Asia including China, Japan, Hongkong, Thailand.
GLOBAL PLASTIC GROUP we always think of patients as families and do best to every visitors with the best medical technology and service


GLOBAL PLASTIC GROUP is an honest hospital to its patients and is true to basics and principles.

Global Plastic Surgery always treats patients as a family and provides quality service. It follows ethical guidelines and rightful degree of care. In addition, it leads the field of cosmetic surgery and is a leader that demonstrates excellence. It adheres social responsibilities and duties, and fulfills virtue as a medical provider. It is a trusted hospital by patients.


GLOBAL PLASTIC GROUP pursues natural beauty. Our patients are highly satisfied with extensive experience of our medical staff and their clinical know-how.

We think from a patient’s perspective and offer a tailored consultation. We also re-design the body with a consideration of each person’s uniqueness, as well as the body’s balance and harmony. We also only advocate for the most optimal method and skills when selecting surgical method and techniques. In addition, medical staff shares their medical expertise and know-how prior to each surgery for a careful planning of a surgery. This is to pursue a successful result of a surgery. Additionally, we perform optimal cost, painless surgery and surgery with a rapid recovery. We also offer a careful one on one after-care per each surgical area following a surgery.


GLOBAL PLASTIC GROUP is a hospital with no medical accidence since its opening in 1990. It is safe and comfortable hospital.

Our hospital offers a careful examination and observation, as well as an accurate assessment. Global Plastic Surgery promotes the safety of our patients with a tailored surgical method and after care. Most of all, procedures involve a team huddle of all medical staff to minimize medical errors that can occur due to an independent decision of a single provider. We aim to perform every surgery safely. In addition, we offer the latest equipments that have its safety and effect proven. We only choose equipments that are not harmful to human body when selecting medical devices. Moreover, we use central supply system including a patient monitoring system. We offer the best medical equipment with complete disinfection and clean surgery.


Foreign patient support medical facility

[the Ministry of Health and Welfare] Registration certificate as a Global Plastic Surgery-Foreign patient support medical facility